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I happened to be on Chaturbate only for a few minutes today and stumbled on Aymee’s show… Holy SHIT! This chick is hot! Perfect body, boobs, ass face… total trophy wife package.


Here is a great lil Q&A with Chaturbate Girl Sexy Aymee along with some sweet photos!

Sexy_Aymee’s Chat Room: http://chaturbate.com/sexy_aymee

1) You call yourself a “Nerd”, what is so nerdy about you? Well I do have a prescription for glasses :P I also really enjoy playing games – all types of games, I probably play games 40+ hours a week. I am taking a fashion course in school next semester so I can make my own cosplay outfits :) I like to own a lot of nerd paraphernalia, like my blizzcon/WoW and Portal sweatshirts along with gaming socks, cds, shirts, posters and accessories!

2) Name your favorite movie of all time? Wow, of ALL time?? I think Tron : Legacy and Moulin Rouge are tied!! The Tron soundtrack makes me melt!!! And I cry every time at the end. Moulin Rouge because I love the entire soundtrack as well and it’s a really sad love story

3) If you could go on a date with anyone dead or alive who would it be? Robert Downey Jr. I would want his personality to be like Tony Stark though. So sexy :) or Ryan Gosling!!! amg!

4) Describe yourself in only 3 words I really don’t like describing myself, and I’m not very good at it so I asked around (is that cheating? :P ). My good friends said “sexy, fun, nerdy”

5) What are your measurements? 34DD-26-35

6) How many piercings/tattoos do you have? I have 15 piercings and 3 tattoos. I love my koi fish and my hood piercing :) The most painful was probably my nipples which is one reason I don’t want to get my left one redone. I have a lot because I was very self-inflicted as a teenager and liked pain so I pierced a few myself, but I love how piercings look! They are my flare.

7) Describe a typical Friday night Ummm right now… Playing Diablo 3. If I’m not camming :)

8) When you’re at the bar what is the first drink you order? I like butterscotch shots, gummie bear, or whatever someone else is taking a shot of. I hate mixed drinks. Go for gold!

9) What is your favorite song/band? Incubus will always be my favorite. My koi fish are based off of their “Morning View” album. I love music in general. I always get fuzzy feelings when I hear the singer’s passion through their voice.

10) Do you have a quote you live by? “So don’t let the world bring you down. Not everyone here is that fucked up and cold. Remember why you came and while you’re alive experience the warmth before you grow old.” – Incubus, ‘The Warmth’

11) Do you believe in good luck? I don’t believe in luck, I believe in fate. I don’t have any charms.

12) Has anyone at Chaturbate bought you anything from your wishlist? YES!! I feel SO special when people get me things!! I’ve gotten some gaming socks, toys, sexy costumes, and a solid state drive!!! O.O

13) Do you have any secret Chaturbate crushes? I really enjoy
watching Livefreeforlife, and thegoldencunt and Chillwavecpl.

14) When you like a guy how do you show it? I like to snuggle. In person I’m really shy at first but then I warm up.

15) What turns you on? Moaning and slight dirty talk. I love watching guys stroke their cock. I also like spanking biting scratching and kissing :) I’m easy to please!

16) Where is the craziest place you have done a webcam show? Well I’m in the process of moving right now, so I’m going to be doing some outdoor stuff during the end of June, maybe coffee shops and whatnot :)

17) Any guilty pleasures? I like what I like and I’m not really ashamed about things I do or what I like. Why feel guilty? Take it or leave it!

18) Favorite foreplay activity? I love kissing and biting, being rubbed all over my body, and I love giving head it gets me so wet! Ice cubes and wax are really fun as well :)

19) Favorite sex position? I do enjoy doggy style very much, but I also love being on my side with my legs closed. It feels as good and deep as doggy and I can still get spanked. My pussy is really tight so doggy doesn’t work all the time haha!


Here are some more pics!


chaturbate girl

chaturbate girl aymee

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